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                               Welcome to RealDeal Automotive.

We offer an excellent, high quality repair service at a reasonable rate.
At Real Deal we strive to not just repair your vehicle but to earn your business rightfully the honest way.  

With over 15 years of professional experience working in shops from Midas to Mercedes Benz of Westminster , we have the tools and hands on training to meet all of your automotive repair needs.  We keep a low overhead and are constantly trying to find ways to save our customers money on simple to advanced repairs, done right the first time and all work is warranted. 

specialize in timing belt replacement and can typically get you out the door for under $700 that includes new OEM timing belt, tensioner, idler, water pump, and a coolant flush.   

Call our centrally located shop today to get a free estimate!!!


1100 South Bannock Street 
Denver, CO 80223

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